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It all starts with an idea...
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Why do you want to remodel?
There are many reasons why you might be thinking about a remodel. Often, it's because you always knew that your current residence might be lacking in some space, comfort, or functional use. You might also be interested in improving energy efficiency. Regardless, investing in your home with a remodel will help you maintain and improve its usefulness, potentially increase the ability to sell, and better align your home's value with updated and modern residences in your area.
McGowan Design-Build, Inc. specializes in remodeling construction and transforming your existing space into amazingly fresh living or working areas, all based upon your needs and current & future lifestyle.

We are uniquely skilled at listening to your design and budgetary concerns, and possess the experience and creativity to incorporate different options, maximizing our benefit to you.

When should you remodel?
While there is no perfect time as the entire process is involved, you'll know based on your needs and desires. There are millions of people each year who undergo a remodeling project and the reasons are just as numerous. Nearly all remodels fall under these categories:
  1. Increasing available and useful space: Upgrading cabinets, counter tops, fixtures, and appliances
  2. Updating the floor plan to better suit your lifestyle and current and future needs
  3. Increasing your energy efficiency by incorporating the current technology with new windows, doors, improved insulation and climate control systems
  4. Re-building from a natural disaster or making your space more accessible and functional after an unexpected live event.
  5. Increasing the resale value of your property.

How do I plan a remodel?
It's very important to be organized and begin this process by writing down your ideas. Talk to family and friends about what you're thinking of doing. Getting multiple opinions from people you trust will aid in developing your plan. Also, make sure to visit your local library and/or bookstores to see current trends in design. Once you get a plan and idea of what you want, call us and we'll visit. Our experience in this process will often uncover many ideas and avenues that you did not think about.

How do I pay for a remodel?
There are many options to pay for your remodel. The easiest and most convenient is to pay cash, but there are home improvement loans, home equity line of credit, second mortgages, and a cash-out refinance of your current mortgage. Please speak to your licensed and qualified mortgage banker or broker for more details. If you need assistance with finding someone in this industry we can help connect you with a qualified contact.

What should I expect during our remodel?
This is an exciting time, but there are many things to consider during this process, besides construction dust and a disturbed daily routine. Lead, asbestos, etc. are serious concerns and create challenges for both us and the homeowner. We're qualified to handle all these issues, or create safe methods of mitigating these situations. We offer a detailed plan regarding when we'll start the work, different milestones of the construction process, and have techniques that we'll employ to minimize dust and the inconvenience of the remodel.

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